Two important services that many customers tend to overlook include regular tire rotation and brake servicing. Hollis Ford highly recommends that you rotate your tires and have your brakes checked at least twice per year at a minimum.

Tire rotation is not only important for extending the life of your tires, it is one of the least costly maintenance items you can do and will save you a ton of money in future repairs. When our technicians rotate your tires, they can check for any uneven wear that may indicate a problem with your vehicle’s equipment. Just as your personal life, it is always a good thing to detect problems sooner rather than later.

What do we mean by brake servicing?

During a brake service we will remove the front and rear calipers, depending on the exact brake system that your vehicle is equipped with. Our technicians will clean and lubricate the saddles where your pads are seated and then clean and lube the sliders. This will ensure proper movement of the brake components and contribute to even wear on the pads and shoes. It will also ensure that your brakes are as effective as possible for you and your passenger’s safety. This simple preventative maintenance will enhance brake performance, will ensure you get maximum longevity out of your vehicle’s brakes and ultimately ensures the longevity of your vehicle.

Get a good return on your investment. You’ve made a substantial investment in the purchase of your vehicle, so doesn’t it make sense not to overlook its maintenance?

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