Love at First Drive

Love at first sight
Love at first sight
Love at first sight
Love at first sight
Sometimes it’s not love at first sight. As much as you’d like to just show up at a dealership and find the perfect car or truck, it just doesn’t work that way.
That’s why we created the Vehicle Matchmaker!

Just fill out this short form and we’ll give you vehicle recommendations across multiple brands that will fit your lifestyle and budget. This is a free service with no obligation. However, if you do decide you’d like to purchase one of our recommendations, a helpful auto consultant will gladly find it for you at a fair price.
1. What type of vehicle are you most interested in?
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2. How many passengers would you like to ideally be able to carry?
3. Please check the 3 most important things to you in a vehicle.
4. To me driving is...
5. My vehicle says this about me
6. List 3 main activities you plan to do with your vehicle
7. Please give us your price range as a total price or as a monthly payment. (example: ‘under $10,000’ or ‘around $200/month’)
8. How soon do you need to purchase?
9. Please let us know anything else you feel is important in your next vehicle
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