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8 best accessories for the 2023 Ford F-150



The Ford F-150 has been America's best-selling vehicle over the past four decades and going straight for a fifth one. With diversity, power, technologies, and styling, the American truck has everything you need and can dream about. Big family or entrepreneurs, no matter your situation, the F-150 is the vehicle that suits your needs the best. 


There are a lot of versions to choose from in the 2023 Ford F-150 line-up. Nevertheless, you may be surprised to learn that American trucks don't come with every piece of equipment imaginable, even in their most luxurious version. Luckily, the American manufacturer has one of the best option catalogs in the industry. Therefore, I selected those accessories that I think as the most for the 2023 F-150.


8 – Tonneau/Bed Cover $490 - $4,106


There is nothing less than 52 different options when it comes to the tonneau/bed cover for the 2023 F-150. Of course, some options are similar since there are three-bed sizes for the American truck. More expensive doesn't necessarily mean better here. I suggest picking the tonneau/bed cover that respects your budget and needs here.


7 – Bed Extender $529


Sometimes, couple extra inches can make all the difference in the world. Unless you chose the 8.0-foot bed, you would need additional space for one day. The bed extender is perfect for that, and it isn't too expensive. Therefore, you should consider getting one from the day you take delivery of your new truck.


6 – Bed Cleats $130


Trust me; you will thank me for the day you will move some furniture. There is nothing like a good place to tie a rope. At only $130, you should get it without any hesitation. Every kit comes with four-bed cleats.


5 – Ladder Rack/Rack and carrier $1,199 - $2,147


A ladder rack does many things much simpler with a truck. I haven't seen a lot of trucks with it in my life, but I can tell you this is a must since my dad has had one for most of my life, and we've used it so many times. It is easy to remove and put back.


4 – Splash Guards $72 - $414


Believe it or not, most trucks don't have Splash Guards as standard equipment. No need to go crazy here. The main difference between most splash guards is the looks. Just go with what you like.


3 – first aid kit/off-road kit $59 - $240


Anything can happen; this is why you should be ready for any situation. Ford offers a convenient Off-Road Assistance Kit for the F-150, which can help you get out of a frustrating situation. A med kit is also a must for every truck owner.


2 – Dashcam $392 - $887


A dashcam might be a lot more practical than you think. It can help you with an insurance claim. Also, it is funny to watch back any footage after you encounter rare animals or a road rage situation.


1 – Cargo Organizer $54 - $117


If you are a messy person, this accessory is for you. Trucks may be efficient with their bed, but the cabin cargo is the back seat area where everything is loose. A cargo organizer will make your life a lot easier.


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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