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Ford to Launch a Transit for Van Lifers



If you grew up in the 60s or the 70s, there are good chances you experienced ''van life'' at its best. Well, get yourself ready to bring back all those memories because Ford is about to unveil the 2023 Transit Trail, a whole new van built purposely for camping and adventure. 


No to be confused with the '' RV prep package '' already offered with the Transit; the Transit Trail will benefit from better off-road enhancement. The American manufacturer van will then be ready for you to transform into the perfect adventure vehicle.


What We Expect


Only a few details about the new Transit Trail have been released, but we expect it to be delivered with the 4x4 system as standard. Of course, the electrical system is ready for any motorhome distributor or handyman to custom-build the perfect RV. We can also expect it to get lots of new techs to do things like parking between obstacles much easier.


Even if the teaser Ford gave us is only 19 seconds short, it revealed quite a lot about the Transit Trail. The van seems to have better exterior lighting. It seems to have an off-road wheel and tire setup from factories which will be confirmed at the full reveal.


Like the regular Transit, the Transit Trail should be available in multiple configurations to best suit your needs. Ford mentioned it would be built ''alongside Transit and E-Transit '' at the Kansas City Assembly Plant.


A Bit of History


The Ford Transit was introduced on the market in 1965 for the very first time. However, it took many decades before we got it here in Nord America, with the 5th generation in 2013. Since its arrival on our market, the Transit has quickly become the best-selling vehicle in its category.


Full Reveal in November


The full reveal of the new Transit Trail is set for next month. I have never been interested in going camping on a trailer field, but I love the idea of being able to get as deep as possible in the wilderness. And I am probably not the only one who dreams about this. Thanks to Ford, van life might become easier and more accessible than ever. The Ford Transit is already one of the most popular vehicles for RV conversion, and I can't wait for it to be even more capable.


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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