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The Ford F Series is the best-selling truck for the 46th consecutive year



Things changed a lot during Covid, and some manufacturers took it as an opportunity to develop and launch new products. Of course, Ford went all-out and gave us the Lightning, the F-150 Tremor, and an even crazier version of its performance truck with the Raptor R. The F-Series family also includes the SuperDuty, which is more competent than ever. 


As you may have heard, the Honda Civic isn't the best-selling car anymore in Canada, a title it held for 24 years in a row. Again, this is proof Covid changed a lot of things. We don't have the numbers yet for the F-Series in Canada, but we expect the American truck to still be the best-selling vehicle in Canada for 2022.


Best-selling truck for 46 consecutive years in the U.S.


We now know the F-Series managed to help its title in the U.S. for 2022, which makes it the best-selling truck for the 46th consecutive year in his homeland. Final numbers haven't been released yet, but Ford mentioned it sold more than 640,000 trucks in 2022. The F-Series also happen to be the best-selling vehicle in America for 41 years now.


A Big Family


Variety is one of the key factors behind the success of the F-Series. Some people might call it a trick on words because the F-Series includes more than one vehicle technically. So, here's every model that composes the F-Series.








Don't forget that this includes a lot of different trim levels for each truck and quite a few versions, too, like the chassis cad for some variants of the Super Duty. If you were to put all F-Series trucks sold last year bumper-to-bumper, it would form a line more than 2,400 miles long.


A True Reference


There is no secret behind the F-Series success. I mean, Ford puts a lot of effort, research, and development to make it the most capable and competent vehicle on the market year after year. Ford launched so many innovative features over the years for its truck lineup. The integrated tailgate step, the flat reclining seats, and the working surface are only some of the ideas Ford brings up to life for the F-Series. From the most intensive work to high luxury, the F-Series has everything you need and want from a modern truck.


Ford was the first manufacturer to launch a mass-production electric truck with the F-150 Lightning, which gives it a significant advantage over the competition.


Ford is offering the widest and most exhaustive variety of trucks on the market if you had the Maverick and the Ranger to the blend.


It's no surprise to use the F-Series to remain the best-selling truck in America for another year, and I bet it will stay like this for many years to come.


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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