Hollis Ford are proud to be the first Nova Scotia auto dealer to offer CARFAX® reports on their entire pre-owned inventory.

What Is CARFAX®?

- Canadian vehicle history reporting service founded in 2000
- Created for Canadian consumers, car dealers, and the automotive industry
- Provides U.S. Data, including import/export records
- The most comprehensive vehicle history service available to consumers

Who Uses CARFAX®?

- Thousands of Canadian car dealers every month
- Major car manufacturers and finance companies
- Insurance companies
- Auto auctions and dealer associations
- Provincial departments and ministries of transportation
- Law enforcement


- CARFAX® is electronically connected on a real-time (“live”) basis to its data sources. This means that the data is always current and not outdated. Other services purchase periodic data dumps leaving the chance that recent important data is not included in their reports.

- CARFAX® provides consumers with Canadian lien and/or security interest information on vehicles from right across Canada and guarantees the results. CARFAX® is connected live to each provincial and territorial registrar responsible for maintaining these records. Other U.S.-based services, do not report any Canadian vehicle lien information.
- CARFAX® is the only vehicle history report available in English and French

- CARFAX® provides consumers critical accident data, through their live connection to comprehensive databases that service the Canadian insurance industry. For vehicles in or from British Columbia, CARFAX® VERIFIED BC reports provide additional claims information directly from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) database.

- In addition to all of the above, CARFAX® reports also provide consumers with data from one of the largest U.S.-based vehicle history services, Experian Automotive. Through their live connection to Experian’s 2 billion+ record database, all CARFAX® reports include the data you would get from other popular U.S.-based vehicle history services, including a Lemon Search.


Simply put, CARFAX® supplies the most comprehensive vehicle history report available to Canadian consumers. The fact that the vehicle you are interested in comes with a CARFAX® report means that you can be confident in the integrity of both the vehicle and Hollis Ford, thereby allowing you to buy with confidence.